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Exhibitions 2016

Spring 2016

AGNÈS VARDA. Patates & compagnie
25.02 > 29.05.2016

The Patates & compagnie exhibition invited you to dive into the imaginative and sensitive universe of the artist Agnès Varda, winner of the Honorary Prize at Cannes Film Festival in 2015 for her films. In the place of her childhood, the exhibition offered, for the first time in Belgium, an unconventional visual journey through installations, photographs and videos. Her prolific work mixed with humour childhood memories and recent creations that meet halfway between fantasy and reality.

Catalogue of the exhibition
Agnès Varda, Jean-Luc Douin, Raymond Bellour, Julia Fabry, Dominique Bluher, Kikie Crêvecoeur, Philippe Piguet.
AGNÈS VARDA. Patates & compagnie
Silvana Éditoriale, 96 pages, 70 illustrations. ISBN: 9788836633289, 20 €


25.02 > 29.05.2016

Between a visual escape in beautiful scenery and questioning its representation, Jean-Marie Bytebier offered up his work in an attempt to find our inner self as much as the nature he strives tirelessly to paint. Graduating from the School of Fine Art in Gent in 1980, he is guided by the continual question How do we experience the landscape we are within?


OUTINGS. Museum out of the box
05.03 >30.04.2016

For the first time in Belgium, OUTINGS. Museum out of the box project spiced up the Museum of Ixelles’ collections. Since March, some twenty characters escaped from their painting for a ramble through the streets of Ixelles. This participative project was an opportunity for an intergenerational group from the neighbourhood to create ephemeral murals.
The Museum of Ixelles presented simultaneously a photo exhibition revealing the Outings created throughout the world by Julien de Casabianca, the artist who initiated the project. > Read more

This project was supported by les Amis du Musée d'Ixelles, the French Community Commission and La Loterie nationale.


Summer 2016

PHOTOREALISM. 50 Years of Hyperrealistic Painting
30.06 > 25.09.2016

Following the success of the 2014 exhibition dedicated to the American hyperrealist sculptor Duane Hanson, the Museum of Ixelles presented PHOTOREALISM, 50 Years of Hyperrealistic Painting. This exhibition highlighted the generation of hyperrealist painters from the 1960s to the late 1980s. In the aftermath of Pop Art, the hyperrealists portrayed and criticized the American consumer society in a fascinating semiphotographic style.

Catalogue of the exhibition :
Otto Letze,
PHOTOREALISM. 50 années de peinture hyperrealiste / 50 years of hyperealistic painting.
Institut für Kulturaustausch / Museum of Ixelles Edition - Bilingual edition FR-AN. 25 €


Exhibition organised in collaboration of the Institut für Kulturaustausch of Tübingen, Germany.


RIEN NE VA PLUS ! Pictures at an exhibition Juan d'Oultremont
30.06 > 25.09.2016

Designed as a global installation, this unique exhibition reinterpreted Mussorgsky’s musical masterpiece Pictures at an Exhibition through a stunning collection of record covers. Halfway between image and music, Rien ne va plus! explored our relation to painting and highlights the evolution of graphic design throughout the 20st century. While fitting the most recent pictorial practices, the project questionned visiting a museum and the patrimonial and prospective cohabitation.

With the support of Lochten & Germeau.




ORIOL VILANOVA. Winner ArtContest 2015
30.06 > 25.09.2016

Oriol Vilanova scours the flea markets of the cities where he lives. Looking for postcards, he puts together a series of extensive images akin to a compulsive collector. The assortment interacts and suggests a way of rethinking icons and figures that, at the dawn of this century, look at times monstrous and comical. His interest in excess gives rise to installations, performances and writings that consist of repetition and exaggeration.

In collaboration with Art'Contest and Art Brussels.


Fall 2016

DIALOGUE WITH LIGHT. Walter Leblanc Jef Verheyen
27.10.2016 > 22.01.2017

An exhibition entitled DIALOGUE WITH LIGHT. Walter Leblanc – Jef Verheyen invites you to a unique experience at the heart of painting. Through a new dialogue between two post-war Belgian abstract art masters, namely Walter Leblanc and Jef Verheyen, the exhibition aims to awaken the senses. It offers an unusual glimpse into the depths of the work, its colour, medium and light, counteracting usual representations much like the Zero Group (Fontana, Manzoni, Uecker, Mack...). Both artists draw your eye to new observations, unexplored pictorial spaces and unexpected sensations.

Dialogue With Light, Adrien Grimmeau & Johan Pas
Bilingual French-Dutch edition, 208 pages
Racine / Lannoo Editions 29,95 €

With the support of


27.10.2016 > 22.01.2017                                        

A native of Roelers (1915-1993), Constant Lambrecht was an active member of the lyrical abstraction movement of the second half of the century in Belgium. Nourished by the spirit of Flemish expressionism, he primarily claimed the work of Zadkine and was not averse to Picasso’s Cubism. His paintings were permeated with rhythm and colour.

27.10.2016 > 22.01.2017                                   

In a subtle play of balance and tension, the work of Johan Van Mullem oscillates between erasure and emergence. Both fiery and subdued, his impetuous and generous gestures constitute a rare virtuosity and a very singular reality. This striking universe, haunted by figures and landscapes, takes a hold.

With the support of

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